I really think music and movement - dance, you know - and literature inform my visuals. I think film is also based in dance. The relationship between me, the camera and the actor is always a dance.

Christopher Doyle "Paranoid Park" (2007), "Hero" (2002) and "2046" (2004)…

I born in France and grew up in Paris from a French mother and an Egyptian father. I have lived between Paris and Sicily which is the meeting point between my ancestors cultures. This gave me a great rise of inspiration.

Since 2021 I'm working as a Data Manager on long features and TV series in Rome (Italy). I come from martial arts, artistic gymnastic, comic books drawing and my first profession for 15 years have been dancing. I worked as a dancer for companies in France, Germany and Italy. I've danced 14 years for the Compagnia Zappalà Danza (SPCZD) from Catania (Italy), they're like a second family now.

As a videomaker I worked for several companies for promotional contents. As a filmmmaker I have been directing my own work together with the « QBR Collective » basing it on combining languages of dance with grammar of cinema. The work was lead by linking shots with architecture, dance with all kind of intentional movements, editing with rhythm, body with environment, dance and cinema through cinematographic and japanese anime references.

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As a contemporary dance teacher...